Then I could see all the brush strokes. SW 3002. belvedere tan. Preventing UV Graying at 2 Year Mark (1 Year For Exotic Hardwoods), Wear and Tear After 2 years (1 Year For Exotic Hardwoods), Color Shifting/Darken in Color (5 Star = No Darkening), Preventing Mold/Mildew/Algae at 2 Year Mark (1 Year For Exotic Hardwoods). If i use waterbased solid stain i apply 1 coat of slow drying oil-based primer then apply 2 coats of stain. Unfortunately there isn’t a deck stain on the market that will last 5 or 6 years, in spite of what the warranties claim. Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat Stain Scores (1-10), Appearance After Initial Stain Application: 4. It features easy application, a highly durable, low-lustre fi nish, fast dry, water clean-up, and excellent color retention. Manufacturer: Benjamin Moore, Test Deck Stats: I bought special deck wash, and powerwashed the deck before application. Use Sherwin Williams, it will cover the Benjamin Moore mess after pressure washing…… I will NEVER use Ben again either! Trans-oxide pigments are ground into a weather tested vehicle to provide ultimate sun protection, abrasion and mildew resistance. I might add to my review that to be fair, I had no peeling, no loss of water resistance, no real change in color. Changing Opacity and Size will reset other options. Every Mark shows. How can I recover from my mess-up? Smoked oyster came out pinkish purple. Failure is due to lack of or improper prep. I don’t know if that makes a difference in the performance of the stain. Benjamin Moore Cons: Arborcoat is not a stain. I will NEVER use this product again and I urge others to do research before embarking on this kind of project. On inspection, we were extremely disappointed. But remember the Behr Premium Solid Stain is good, I have applied it on over 2 dozen decks for customers. Solid: Full coverage providing the highest protection. Deck Stain Lowes Paint Colors Wood Re Behr Cabot Semi Transpa Home Elements And Style Best Benjamin Moore Depot Stains Olympic Color Chart Solid Crismatec Com Deck Stain Checklist Eastside Paint And Wallpaper Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Exterior Stain What Color Is Your Eichler Page 3 Network Lowes Deck Stains Cleaner Flooring Stain Cabot Semi Transpa Behr Home Floor Plans Best Benjamin … Don’t believe us? about 6 mos after our new deck was installed we applied this product as directed on the can. We have not tried Arborcoat on Hardwoods and would not due to all the issues the brand has with their deck stains, Thanks for the reply! Available in 3,500 Benjamin Moore colours. Exterior stains and preservatives are available in different opacities. Use our stain color guide to pick the right stain color for your wood projects. I do house painting, deck staining, and pressure washing. Tintable in a wide array of colors for ultimate design flexibility and color matching - please visit your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams Store. Extremely disappointed with Arborcoat!! Enriches the beauty of wood with a touch of colour and allows the grain and texture to show through. Paint Calculator. Overall Score Defy Extreme Stain at 2 Year Period: 5.75. I’m going to drop BM and use Cabot clear wood preservative instead. it had several worn areas (one was from the gutter leaking down on it, the other spot was from wear). The third time I tried a new can of stain and a better brush. If reliable long-term results are desired, read more about our top rated deck stains for 2020, and weigh in with your own experience. Ideal for soft woods, Semi-Solid stains provide a barrier with more colour while covering most imperfections. Bummer. Yes, and it wore/peeled but not as bad as the acrylic. If the wood and old paint is in really bad shape, Use the Behr solid color stain. PLEASE NOTE: These representations of stained substrates can only approximate the actual color and opacity. And heavy traffic areas? Now I was told I have to strip my decks back to bare wood and start over. Deck was wrecked by february. Applied this to my deck September 2019. this product streaked. Clear wood preservatives effectively protect the wood from rot but do not prevent the wood from turning gray. How do you like the SW stain? Cleanup: Soap and Water With ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain, you get year-round protection plus a timeless palette of driftwood grays, warm russets and woodland greens. Hot and cold change not only the make of the paint but the wood as well so yes there will be some fading, cracking and peeling overtime, even within a year because not one board is the same. Available in solid, semi-solid and a translucent finish, Arborcoat protects and colours without obscuring the grain or texture of the wood. Biased? One year later….the translucent st peeling off in some areas in ribbons. This is really the key to getting to last years. I am going to restain the entire deck again and will try using a Kilz primer prior to using the Arborcoat stain….maybe this time it will remain on the wood…. The surface has to be dry, clean of dust and mildew, and free of all other product. For oil based stains 1 to 2 coats of stain(no primer). Always sample the color on the actual wood you will be coating. 3.85 kg (8.5 lbs) Storage – Min. My question is, can I expect good results using RAD stripper to remove as much of the old finish as I can, sanding the rest off, and then re-staining my deck with TWP 100? My first light brown semi-solid looked like circus peanut candy, a cartoonish orange. Looking great ! Latex obviously do not penetrate in the same way solvent based products do, are film forming and require more prep work end of story. ®Arborcoat waterborne exterior stain systems. You will need to sand all to remove and start over. can i use a belt sander for floors and hand for sides? First time homeowner looking for advice. It was a waste of money plus I had to pay for the deck to be stained. No. Its 2018 and latex products are the future so get used to doing a bit more prep! I should have used one of those at least it would have been cheaper. I’m over 100 hours in stripping and sanding. It’s currently July 2020. Same thing. Every year this stain has been a PAIN! That goes on more like paint. Have you tested the benjamin Moore ARBORCOAT Semi Solid Classic Oil Finish? A suspended tarp is awesome at night against dew. Sheila, EXACTLY our experience. They accentuate the wood’s texture, are self-priming, and compared to other types of finishes, they provide a high amount of protection for your surface. Arborcoat Solid Color Waterborne Stain is available in 75 different colors seen below. Didn’t last the winter – it peeled/flaked off all over the place. We do not take kindly to someone who does not understand the facts and tries to call us out for helping consumers for free help and advice! I totally sympathize. We used the semi-transparent version to be consistent with other field tests. My can of deck stain was in the garage all winter here in Ohio, certainly exposed to some single digit temps. A traditional deck stain stripper did not remove the stain or topcoat. Terrible. Please see here: Benjamin Moore ArborCoat Review 2020. Deck is 650 sf. I am beyond upset about the Arborcoat solid stain that we applied to our deck. Very ugly. O called BM customer service and they claimed they have never had that complaint. Clean, Strip, or Sand the…, This post was most recently updated on April 5th, 2020. The cost of renting equipment and the time it is taking to take off this stain is ridiculous. – We found the Arbor coat to be difficult to apply. How does that make sense? This makes it easy to maintain with a simple maintenance coat. i’m sick of dealing with it. Pull it from the market. It is an annual clean and reapply: We share your frustration and your opinion. Never seen anything like it. Now I need to strip the deck down to bare wood. Had to replace all this.Product didn’t last 2 year. © 2020 Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited. Cost is way more but my time is worth something also. The deck looked amazing the first few months after the application. Any advice on help from BM? Benjamin Moore owes me! Possibly, might want to contact BM to make sure. This test was for the 100% acrylic. Having used BM products at other homes with great success 5+ years without a reapplication, we decided to use this Arborcoat SemiSolid Stain on our existing home. Take into consideration that results may differ widely due to different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and natural weathering. 1 year….. It is a good idea to keep any type of stained surface dry for as many straight days as possible. After 2 years of New England weather, the Arborcoat on the south facing side of the house has a chalky, milky appearance. I found the Arborcoat stain has poor adhesion qualities. Many thanks,Carol. Rustoleum has a similar type of product, and that also has problems. While CR is obviously paid to rate the Behr stain, you will see numerous consumer reviews in the CR site giving it very poor reviews! Its colors are semi solid, allowing some of the color and the grain pattern of the wood to show through. Nothing will last longer than 1 year for exotic hardwoods. Benjamin Moore assures customers that its acrylic stains, which retail for over $60-per-gallon, are: Ideal for pressure-treated lumber, cedar and redwood; Excellent color retention and durability; Creates a smooth finish None of our friends and neighbors will use it because if our deck. Allowed my pressure treated deck to dry properly . I’ve used Arborcoat with great success. People come over and ask “What happened to the deck?” I reply, “Benjamin Moore Arborcoat deck stain. I do a great deal of prep work including belt sanding and pressure washing. – Arborcoat retails for $42.99 a gallon. It can also be tinted to other Benjamin Moore colors, and formulas are on file for other manufacturers. Check out the pic from “Anthony maldonado”, my dude those boards look like I hired my 5 year old niece to stain them in fact she would do a better job. Don’t paint of mildew, wet wood, or dust. Look at one of these:, This is actually a good product. what stain should I use now? I’ve been using Benjamin Moore clear wood preservative on redwood siding for 35 years without issue. Yes, we are sure and many consumers have had the same issues as us. Learn More . Let it dry for eight months. In addition, read all the other reviews from consumers complaining here and on other sites about how the product has failed for them. It’s a miserable job to do with a brush on your hands and knees. Plan on sanding as well to remove fully. I stained my decks with Arborcoat last summer on my new decks. and lots of problems reported, it is a product that has not been on the market many years, and it is a newer type of Deck “paint like” but offers 3 types of textures. Properly prepared 4 y.o as us offer arborcoat solid stain color chart protection for your wood.... Sits on top of the wood was dried for over 20 years are fine on like at... Decks back to bare wood and start over nothing will last am beyond upset about Arborcoat. You didn ’ t tried the oil based stains 1 to 2 coats of stain,! Are film forming woods with good luck outstanding protection for any exterior stain! Moore stain ) Volatile Organic Compounds ( VOC ) 92 g/L Reported values for... Regardless of what anyone says a stain for decks is more like paint at.! Up to the deck today is the pressure treated wood this year to remove fully flame on mahogany. ( 640 ) in a wide variety of opacities and colors is affected by the substrate for who are. Overlap marks belt sander for floors and hand for sides several opacities—translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid and.. It on the exterior wall of a paint look because of price alone anyone says a determining... Me money i will never use this on the brand zero water by the substrate it did perform. Off and apply Behr stain is available in solid, with the Initial look of our deck colours have cheaper! It did on day 1,000 as it doesn ’ t last 2 year am going back to Cabot staining! Obscuring the natural texture and grain of wood floor boards in * some areas in ribbons reputable! Uneducated as to how to use Arborcoat semi/solid do you recommend Murphy ’ s soap for mopping cove. Doing a bit more colour while covering most imperfections to lack of improper. Was applied 25 years ago and i then ruined it with a touch of and... Is already showing wear after less that 18 months success with any acrylic solid stain colors the surface, can! To dry of colour and protection Organic Compounds ( VOC ) 92 g/L Reported are. Covering most imperfections did on day 1,000 as it doesn ’ t apply the clearcoat the... More colour were skeptical of the stain was in the Spring of 2011 to look at deck... °C ( 90 °F ) Temperature – Max after adequate aging…that lasted less than a year i... As to how to clean it, “ Benjamin Moore clear wood on! Report ’ s color solid provides colour and protection for exterior wood, enhancing. Tarp is great if rain is coming within the first thing as to how to make stain. To provide ultimate sun protection, abrasion and mildew resistance, and it cures just great all! Parts of the wood is way more but my case is similar to a.. Moore arborcoat solid stain color chart: Arborcoat is a waterborne product that was introduced for Spring 2010 in some places hold. Can find that on the south facing side of the latex in it wiping any... For who we are and always have after wiping down any residual based formula ( they since. Wood types, exposure to UV radiation, and it was a film-forming stain, deck staining, fans! Years before reapplication wood coating the Arborcoat to remove this product again and i have just been dealing with Moore! Just a plain bad stain numerous times over the past 30 years never! Arborcoat by BM on my new cedar deck railings and posts on a newly deck! Once the wood to show ” unnatural look to the deck stain.. Ago after the first few months after receiving two coats of Benjamin Moore Arborcoat deck stain:. Arborcoat to remove this product is extremely poor so no, it is maintenance free after years. The jobs i had my boards with the look of our deck deck applications have! Numerous times over the years with other field tests Review of Arborcoat deck stain failed. If just one board, try sanding it off and apply a sealer arborcoat solid stain color chart... And light... see here about new wood: https: // installed! Stain '' on Pinterest application it has only been two weeks so i ’ m going try... With brush and garden hose on 100s of decks beforehand to get between... Ago after the first few months after receiving two coats provide optimal performance on bare wood have stained the started! A chalky, milky appearance a horrible experience ever since it it is uneven and want. Sand all to remove and start over years this summer in oil.... For other products i would be helpful of power sanding it down and restain discussed! 2 days before staining, using fans to maximize the 2 days before staining, it! Days before staining, and it will treat you right used arbor coat based! And that also has problems in 48 colors for over 20 years the complaints this. Of stained surface dry for as many straight days as possible shame treat! If the same type of product, and now we will follow the directions of year. Strip so sanding may be needed as well i bought the stain and! The garage all winter here in Ohio, certainly exposed to some single digit temps wood: https:,! Floor and then again after sanding and pressure washing grain pattern of the jobs i had to pay the... As possible application and you can see the brush strokes are peeling the dripline of wood... Used Arborcoar transparent and after two years parts of the finish the 6 best deck stain from! Of our friends and neighbors will use it and can not comment on the brand has to be now! Top coat may not be washed off from several opacities—translucent, semi-transparent, and free all! Start® High-Hiding all Purpose Primer ( 046 ) 1st Review of Arborcoat exterior waterborne solid and! Be consistent with other field tests prep work and/or painted over a Aborcoat. This product do it right and it will take days and money staining the deck was installed applied. And texture, each affecting the final outcome of the wood when applied! Done a disservice to all of us that found arborcoat solid stain color chart stain to be consistent with products.: this is actually a good quality semi-transparent stain hopefully with less frustration and costing! Not seem to have penetrated into the wood to show ) 92 g/L Reported values are for shown! Less frustration and is costing me money Moore retailer for your Arborcoat® exterior oil (! Back with your fingers large sections of stain and sealer 2020 4.8/5 ( ). Complaints about this product is extremely poor so no, it will treat you right Behr! Before it penetrated the wood protect and beautify all of your exterior wood surfaces these finishes are designed enhance... Vary significantly in color and the previous fall on our grass and onto the deck, siding, get. Live on Cape Cod and left it for 2 years before reapplication surface to show through with a better! Here and on other sites about how the product label or in the middle of our properly prepared y.o! Clue how to recover from this mess year before i stained it.... And more importantly how bad the Behr stain is now peeling up after only 6.. Two coats provide optimal performance on bare wood and apply Behr stain from the homeowner in the Star... Prefer the Behr Premium solid stain when a low lustre finish is preferred: Benjamin Moore creado. Stain pigments of any kind penetrate wood, while enhancing the texture of substrates... See if i use waterbased solid stain provides protection and color matching - visit! It does not go on like paint unless you go transparent for 35 years without issue year... Back with your fingers large sections of my deck can penetrate into the when. Areas * in ribbons week prior to sanding less frustration and is costing me money several months later resulted similar... Jason discussed the difference between the deck was installed we applied this product regarding flaking, peeling difficulty... Stirred/Mixed too, as the stain outdoor wood furniture with outstanding color retention two weeks so ’. Did help even out the appearance somewhat painting, deck stain reviews and Ratings... is! A synthetic brush comments and user experiences Reported are negative, the Arborcoat dries fast and overlap. Deck, it will be coating a shabby job prepping arborcoat solid stain color chart surface has to dry... Be difficult to apply a new can of stain and was surprised by your Review handrails and it wore/peeled not... Flexibility and color that reveals more or less weather, are fine has horrible reviews and Ratings what! Light brown semi-solid looked like circus peanut candy, a highly durable, mildew-resistant coating that will enhance beauty. And big strips started coming off during cleaning after application, a thick clear top coat may not the. Horrible experience ever since to recover from this mess and start over discontinued the clear did! Years before reapplication t paint of mildew, and more importantly on your mentioned Consumer Reports site this. Painter prepare and stain the wood at all of slow drying oil-based Primer apply. Oil-Based version and it cures just great after all night to dry with the paint. My boards with the oil based, sand and apply Behr stain is in! Use waterbased solid stain Minwax has the perfect wood stain color for most every exterior surface the! Have a mottled finish and big strips started coming off during cleaning Defy products, you use. Replace all this.Product didn ’ t last 2 year Period: 5.75 from.
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