This is a great trail mix to break up the GORP routine. Add a little more oil if necessary, and crack the eggs (2 per person) into the center. And we’ve “invented” some camping meals that we make even when we have a full kitchen — they’re that good! We love that it’s versatile and a well-rounded meal to boot! Sprinkle with sea salt and let it toast for 3-4 minutes, until the edges start to turn golden brown. Chop up half a baguette into bite-sized pieces (or leave them in slices, as pictured). Couscous cooks incredibly quickly, while making this dish with quinoa is more nutritious (and gluten-free). For example, repackage that box of couscous or mac & cheese in a baggie and recycle the cardboard while at home. ; Mexican Skillet Supper is a tasty way to eat ground beef and rice. Mexican: bell pepper, corn, red onion, tomatoes, jalapeño, avocado, etc. There are only so many instant oatmeal packets one can eat on the trail. We’re sharing our basic recipe, plus some other combinations to try when you want to spice things up! Plus, cooking your own camping food is a great way to save money on road trips, so having some go-to recipes is a must! 3. (One of these meals is one we regularly bring into the backcountry — where we literally just have a pot and some heat to cook with!). If you’re looking for pre-made backpacking food, check out this post instead! It does require a bit of cooking on the trail, but it is well worth it! Wanna get fancy? The following tips are most relevant for trips that are less than a week long or won’t require mailing or caching food for a resupply. If you've packed your bags with the basics -- tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses -- and you're trying to figure out what food you can bring and cook on your trip, here are 12 camping food ideas. Outdoor Adventure It’s just not necessary. scotch egg. We love the diversity of flavors and textures. Forget about the ramen you ate in college – we’re building a trail-friendly version from scratch! … Add the can of diced tomatoes and any soft vegetables, like mushrooms, bell pepper and spinach. 4. Plus, it’s way healthier than traditional Pad Thai (nobody needs a whole cup of sugar in their dinner!). There are unlimited trails that can take us into the backcountry, but only so many packaged backpacking meals. Top 10 Camping Meals for Large Crowd! Camping with kids is hard enough. (Depending on how many vegetables you have, you might need a bit more water.) You can also add your bouillon cubes now. and serve with a tablespoon of peanut butter. We’ve organized this post into three categories: Dehydrator recipes, Recipes using grocery store ingredients, and Snacks, Trail Mix, and Jerky. This classic Spanish rice dish is festive and fun to eat, but a long ingredient list—seafood, meat, sausage, vegetables, seasonings, and more—can deter some home cooks from making it. You can add 1/2 cup shredded coconut (unsweetened) as well if you’d like. Like our apple crisp, this blueberry version uses freeze dried berries found at Trader Joe’s and crunchy granola for a simple backpacking dessert. Meal Kits. Which is why it’s important to pack smart––especially food. Nail it, and you have an ultra-luxurious dinner fit for a special occasion. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is one of our really easy camping meals you have to try! Camping with kids is hard enough. Sauté for a few minutes until toasted on either side. See more ideas about Recipes, Food, Yummy food. Cover the pot again and simmer for an additional 2 minutes. 25 Easy Camping Recipes Using 5 Ingredients or Less | Eureka! A throwback to the lunchbox snack of our youth, these Tie Dye Fruit Rolls are made with frozen strawberries and mangoes. When you only have 1 square foot of chopping space and 2 burners, you’ve gotta get creative and cook differently than you would in “normal” kitchen. All of these recipes are vegetarian; and most can be made gluten-free or vegan (we’ll make notes of this!). Our campervan meals are: Easy: With limited space and time, we have to choose simple recipes that don’t require a ton of equipment, fancy skills or hours of prep. The beautiful thing about oatmeal is you can make all different types of flavor combinations so you don’t get sick of it. You won’t find any recipes for instant noodles or PB&J sandwiches here. 9 Gourmet Camping Recipes. This is one of our very favorite meals to make whether we have a big kitchen or a tiny camp stove. You can omit this and simply season with salt and pepper if desired. But having healthy, tasty food is as simple as prepping ahead and picking up a few new tools (some you might already own). It’s one of the quickest meals to make – and to eat. Get your meals planned in one stop! 52 Incredibly Delicious Camping Food Ideas, Where to Buy Discount Outdoor and Camping Gear. One of the most satisfying moments of any backpacking trip is sitting down at the end of the day to enjoy a well-deserved meal. Try roasting up chicken and veggies in Campfire Foil Packets, get creative with … There are tons of amazing, RV-friendly recipes and meals that are delicious, healthy, affordable, and easy to make. You already have your camping DIYs ready; now you just need to master these recipes that can easily be made ahead of time or prepped for easy cooking. We started Fresh Off The Grid as a place to share our favorite camping and backpacking recipes. We didn't grill this time, but we usually do. You certainly don’t need all of them! We differentiate our car camping recipes from others by allowing perishables and not worrying about weight. The Best Camp Tables: Luxury Camping Meals in 2020 The tent and stove may come first on your camping checklist but bringing a table will certainly add a new angle to your camp kitchen. Making your own backpacking food can dramatically reduce the cost per meal, open a wide range of recipe options, and allow you to really customize your nutritional profile. 3. This hearty oatmeal is full of dried blueberries, coconut flakes, almonds, and hemp seeds. Privacy Policy. Serving ideas: Totally optional things to add if you want to spice it up a bit, Mexican: serve with tortilla chips, a lime wedge and/or cilantro, Asian: serve with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and/or cilantro, Mediterranean: serve with fresh basil/parsley and/or feta cheese. CampOGram. Keep the quick-cooking veggies like mushrooms, bell pepper and greens to add at the end. Check out Kettle Black Kitchen for home meal kits! (Cook shorter or longer depending on how you like your eggs cooked.). In this post, we are featuring our favorite DIY backpacking recipes. Traveling in a campervan brings with it a huge sense of freedom and shows you how simple life can be if you let it. French Dish (Pate Chinois) “French Dish” is a very simple but delicious car camping recipe that is family-friendly and quick to put together. It's camping season, which means you need these 30 easy camping meals that are quick to prep, and cook fast on the campfire. Fruit Crisp: Satisfy end-of-day dessert cravings with this resourceful crisp, made with an oatmeal-brown-sugar base. Sweet and savory, this Teriyaki Beef Jerky is a great homemade alternative to the expensive store bought version. A packet of peanut butter stirred in on the trail gives the stew some creaminess and a calorie boost. If you don’t want to use a potato, simply skip this step. Packaging DIY & dehydrated meals: For short trips, you’ll want to store your meals in lightweight zip-top bags. 13 Trail Mix Recipes to Fuel Your Next Adventure, 11 Camping Desserts to Share Around the Campfire, How to Plan a Memorable Backyard Camping Trip, A Guide to the Best Sedona Swimming Holes, 4 Hikes to Beat the Crowds in Zion National Park, The Gem of the West: Our 7 Day Idaho Road Trip, Scenic Drives in Moab (That Don't Require Four Wheel Drive!). Take your outdoor cooking to crazy-delicious heights with these easy backpacking meals from the experts at Dirty Gourmet. It’s okay if you don’t have all the vegetables listed, or if you want to add ones that aren’t on this list.). (Plus, these recipes are all vegetarian, and most can be made gluten-free and vegan too.). That’s where quinoa porridge comes in! (Remember, use whatever sounds good to you or what you have on hand. Oysters are at once a primal and fancy food, and so uniquely satisfying to feast on. Belly FullBelly Full. chop a green apple into bite sized pieces and add a generous sprinkling of cinnamon. The Mexican and Mediterranean vegetables are better fresh, while you may want to lightly sauté the veggies for the Asian bowl. Request a Quote. Sprinkle with sea salt, and use your spatula to break up the eggs and sort of scramble in the middle. These small containers are pretty light (½ oz for three) and refillable, or you can use lighter, small plastic bags for storage. It’s lightweight, yet more delicious than the packet meals you can pick up at the supermarket. This is an incredibly easy lunch or snack idea (it’s hardly even a recipe!). Camping Recipes Top-rated recipes to cook over an open fire or on a camp stove when you’re sleeping under the stars. Like ALL the time. 4. Stir to fluff the couscous and add salt and pepper if desired. We're Megan and Michael and we love cooking outdoors! When a thin white layer has formed over the eggs and all the whites are cooked, it should be ready to take off the heat (see photo above); this usually takes around 5-7 minutes. Healthy: These recipes are balanced and nutritious meals. Signup for our newsletter and we'll send you helpful travel tips! 1.5 cups couscous (or quinoa if you prefer, but you’ll need to cook it longer and add more water). Your email address will not be published. Plus..tons of other things! By Sanah Faroke Jerky – A great balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. After about 5 minutes, try piercing the vegetables with a fork. Here are some of our favorite things to cook while camping! We make another batch as soon as we’re running low. Selecting all the ingredients for your backpacking meals is the first step, but knowing how to properly package and store them for the trail is just as important. Pretzels, nuts, and Chex make up the base of this trail mix, which is coated with a sweet and spicy blend of honey, Sriracha, and a touch of soy sauce for savoriness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Full of delicious sausage, eggs, crispy fried potatoes, and melted shredded cheese they are easy to prep ahead of time! Trust us. You can add 1/2 cup shredded coconut (unsweetened) as well for an extra indulgent breakfast. If you’re adding eggs: Once the veggies are starting to get tender, clear space in the center of the skillet, and crack 2 eggs (1 per person). In a pot, add a bit of oil (1 tablespoon or so) with chopped garlic and onions, and cook over medium-high heat. When you throw cooking into the mix it can make it even more challenging because you don’t have all of the conveniences of home.Our advice is to get a Rubbermaid tub (ye ol’ camp box), buy some gear that will last, and fill up the tub so it’s always ready to go. Grab a drink, put on some music, and create delicious meals under the stars. HOT DRINKS - Warm beverages and soups are a really nice treat in the backcountry, especially on chilly trips where it’s harder to stay hydrated. It’s creamy, filling, and feels super gourmet in the backcountry without a lot of fuss. (If you’re in a backcountry hut and have no access to oil, a tablespoon of water will work too.) Fancy flavors with simple ingredients, this apple, bacon, and cheddar grilled cheese needs a place on your camping menu. Make risotto at home and dehydrate it along with some vegetables like peas and mushrooms. Two Wandering Soles Copyright © 2020. Immediately after the vegetables are added to the pot, add 2 cups of water so they are just covered. And we’ll be sharing our favorite camping recipes to prove it! ), 6. Storing herbs and spices: Herbs and spices are a great way to bump up the flavor of your meals. 2. Sharing a meal over the campfire is a quintessential part of a camping experience. If you’d like, you could add chicken to any of these bowls. This is our go-to camping breakfast just about every morning. 5. When the onions start to look translucent, add the lentils. Pack along some tortilla chips to add once it’s done cooking for added crunch. 125+ RV Recipes! DIY DEHYDRATED MEALS - If you have the time and energy, it can be nice to make your own trail meals and dehydrate your own snacks. Chef Kelly Liken of Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail, CO always brings Leopold Bros. or ... Dutch Oven-Braised Beef and Summer Vegetables. These camping recipes are made with ingredients that are easy to find and affordable. Fear not: We’re here to tell you that camping food can be healthy, delicious and easy to make! ; Balsamic-Maple Chops are very easy and surprisingly quick. Add 1 tablespoon oil to a skillet and sauté onion and garlic until onion is translucent. Camping Foil Packets Grilled Spiced Potatoes Thanksgiving Side Dish These Camping Foil Packets Grilled Spiced Potatoes use white potatoes and yams offering a … We’re going to share how to make the basic recipe, plus a bunch of extras you can add for a seriously incredible campervan meal. When the garlic becomes fragrant, add the cubed bread and toss until it is coated in garlic and oil. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Foiled! This is one of our FAVORITE trail meals. Choose quick-cooking pastas like angel hair, orzo, and couscous, and go for instant versions of grains like oatmeal, grits, and polenta. This chocolatey, coconutty, slightly sweet granola is an easy breakfast in the morning. 51 Gift Ideas for Every Camper on Your List! We offer a collection of recipes, how-to guides, and camp cooking gear to help you enjoy great food in the great outdoors! We developed this recipe as an homage to the fruit cart stands we frequented when living in Los Angeles. We like to pack it with powdered milk for a just-add-water meal. Trust us, these meals are so tasty (and packed with protein!) So don't let complicated cooking get in the way of your vacation. We have Campfire Apple Crisp Foil Packs full of sweet juicy apples, cinnamon … These can be found in individual packets or stored in resealable containers. Give me a shout out on social media if you give any of them a try! No more hot dogs and hamburgers! With couscous, this should take just about 5 minutes, whereas quinoa will take longer. Same as basic recipe, but substitute dried cherries instead of cranberries. Maple syrup glazed nuts, dark chocolate, and dried cranberries make a trail mix that resembles a deconstructed KIND bar. Same as basic recipe, but leave out cranberries. 5. Start your day with healthy protein and carbohydrates with this breakfast sandwich from Sunny Home Creations. The best thing about camping meals is that it doesn’t have to be complicated! There are tons of amazing, RV-friendly recipes and meals that are delicious, healthy, affordable, and easy to make. Add whatever veggies you have (and chickpeas, if desired). Dehydrated strawberries and quinoa, along with powdered milk, make up this tasty, sweet-yet-slightly tart breakfast porridge. Cinnamon roll-ups. Basically, a camping food list is the tool of the camping-meal planning, which summarizes all of the necessary food in preparing for your camping trip. 3. Add a can of chickpeas for extra bulk and protein, or stir in leafy greens or herbs at the end to give it a fresh flavor. Grilled Chicken with Whiskey Barebecue Sauce and Spicy Slaw. Here is the rundown of delicious ten camping meals for a crowd: Burgers. Each recipe makes (at least!) Inexpensive: Part of the reason to cook instead of eating out is to save money. Car camping recipes can be as fancy as you like. We’ve actually come to love it. Black beans, corn, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro are all easy to dehydrate and assemble into the base of Tortilla Soup. Fire-Roasted Vegetable … We make a big batch of this and store it in a container or bag so we have it ready to go in the mornings. We have also included some food storage tips & tricks for packaging your meals to take out on the trail. Think trail mix, granola bars and wraps. Pressure Cooker Vegetarian Chili : Make a big batch of this vegetarian chili, and freeze half for your next camping adventure. Make this on a trip where you have lots of fun activities planned. When it comes to cooking in a campervan, you might wondering how to make a proper meal with a fraction of the kitchen space you’re used to. The basic concept of this recipe is super simple: Make a bowl of grains, veggies and protein. Breakfast: PB and … 6. Serve your lentil soup with a generous handful of croutons on top, and some roughly chopped celery leaves (optional) for a bit of freshness. We seek adrenaline rushes, good food, authentic experiences, and adventures off the typical tourist path. A satisfying meal or an easy one… por que no los dos? This BBQ Pulled Pork English Muffin Camping Breakfast Sandwiches are ridiculously easy and gourmet to boot. ), lime wedges (or lemon, depending on what’s available), hot pepper (cayenne, chili flakes, fresh birdseye chili, etc.). Meal Kits. You can use any vegetables that are in season, and experiment with different seasoning combinations. With summer always comes camping trips, but staying in the great outdoors means cooking without the convenience of kitchen appliances. You can forget about squatting over a precariously balanced camping stove , and the backache that comes with it. Cooking healthy and delicious meals while traveling in a campervan is easier than you think! Same as basic recipe, but substitute dried pineapple (without added sugar if possible) instead of cranberries and add 1 cup shredded dried coconut (unsweetened). Bonus: Serve with fresh cilantro, parsley or basil! While traveling in New Zealand, we were making this meal in a Holiday Park kitchen and we had at least 3 different groups of people come up and ask what we were making because it looked (and smelled!) Get more taco-in-a-bag tips at Camping … This is one of the BEST trail mixes we have made! Garlic Croutons: For a nice crunch, make quick garlic croutons to serve on top of the soup. But that doesn’t mean the promise of saving cash and eating well by camping with a full-blown kitchen is moot. Biobags is a compostable option, or if you don’t mind carrying a bit of extra weight, we recommend (re)Zip bags (for reference, the 2 cup capacity bags only weigh 9g). Serve with baguette (Tip: after you’ve dished out bowls of shakshuka, throw a few slices of the baguette on the skillet with a bit of olive oil and minced garlic (don’t worry about cleaning the pan first). broccoli, red pepper baby corn, zucchini, carrot, potatoes, etc. veggies of your choice: carrots, bell pepper, broccoli and zucchini all work nicely (if you only choose one veggie, carrots are our favorite addition! BBQ chicken and vegetables in foil. Couscous, a packet of chicken, and loads of ras el hanout make up this fragrant and flavorful meal. 2. This chili is a protein powerhouse of beans and quinoa. Shady Grove Fancy Camping. Properly cleaning kitchen surfaces after handling meat is not a headache you want to deal with when you’re living in a tiny space. spiralized zucchini (this spiralizer is a great campervan kitchen gadget if you want to eat healthy! Recipe: Food & Wine 3. A Camping Stove In An Easy Way To Prepare Easy Camping Meals If you want to cook a full-size meal like a pasta dish or soup for friends, a single-burner camping stove is portable and easy to pack. Trail mix is a hiking staple but it’s easy to burn out on one flavor. {Easy RV Meal Planning} - The Frugal Girls Season with salt and pepper, and or other spice combinations, as listed above. Easy: With limited space and time, we have to choose simple recipes that don’t require a ton of equipment, fancy skills or hours of prep. It is quick, healthy, and gives us a kick of energy we need for adventuring! You can literally put all of the ingredients together in a reusable container and pack it up to a mountain hut. The best part is you literally CAN’T screw it up. We’re going to come right out and say it: This is not authentic Pad Thai. A full list of 17 simple backpacking meal recipes. Each time we cook this, we add a slightly different combination of veggies, and it’s always a hit! This plant based riff on marinara sauce is made with red lentils and tomatoes, then dehydrated to create a quick cooking, high protein backpacking dinner. Dried Fruit & Nuts – These are an ideal snack for campers, especially those going hiking. It requires the use of a cast iron pan for the chorizo, which Teich recommends for indoor/outdoor cooking. To repackage oil and sauces into sturdier, reusable containers, we recommend goToobs. This is another one of our all time favorite backpacking recipes. Mixed with an assortment of spices, cacao powder, and chiles, it’s not short on flavor, either! 5. 3. And you can use whatever vegetables are in season where you are traveling. 1. Our goal is to make it easy for you to enjoy great food in the great outdoors. En español | If you're new to camping — perhaps trying it out this fall to beat staying-at-home ennui — the toughest part can be figuring what you'll eat. We like to pair proteins (like boiled eggs, yogurt, beans or milk) with complex carbohydrates (like oats, whole grain breads or beans) to fuel our morning adventures. 13 Camping Food Recipes That Will Make Glamping Even More Fun. Totally optional, but adds a nice creaminess! Combining chicken, chopped prunes, and green olives, then cooked with a couscous base, this is a SUPER flavor packed meal. Fresh Off The Grid is a culinary resource for the outdoor community. You can alter the amounts based on your needs. It does add a nice depth to the meal though.). Easy, Tasty, Tin Foil Meals #ad is packed with great ideas from breakfast to desserts! 4. The vegetables listed in the ingredients are suggestions, but use whatever you have on hand. If a flask of great whiskey isn't fancy enough for cocktail hour, many spirit-based cocktails (such as … This meat-free version is made with sweet potatoes and black beans, and it reheats in … Breakfast And BrunchBreakfast RecipesMorning BreakfastBreakfast SpecialsRecipes DinnerBreakfast IdeasThink FoodLove FoodFun Food. 5. (I like mine on the drier side and Ben likes his more “wet”.). Kids and adults alike will love them! Sauté for a few minutes, until vegetables start to cook, but are still crisp. 8. (And keep the recipes in mind for lightweight car camping, too.) Let’s walk through the steps so you can make your own. Dehydrate zucchini, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, capers, and parsley and pack it up with noodles and butter powder for a fresh take on pasta dinner. For a large number of people, you have to need a large amount of meat, thick buns, tomatoes as well as lettuce. Drain the noodles, then toss with the sauce, vegetables and eggs into the pot and cook over medium heat for one minute, or until everything is heated through. In total, we’ve spent 5 months living in campervans, and we have done a lot of experimentation with cooking. Biobags is a compostable option, or if you don’t mind carrying a bit of extra weight, we recommend (re)Zip bags (for reference, the 2 cup capacity bags only weigh 9g). Take advantage of the hot coals around the edges of your campfire to foil-wrap root vegetables and let them cook slowly and steadily while you prep the rest of dinner. While the portmanteau of "glamour" and "camping" was first coined in 2005, the trend has since taken the country by storm and rewritten the rules on outdoor adventures. Cover the pot with a lid and let it simmer. Comment below and we’ll do our best to get back to you. 9. Other Favorite Camping Food Ideas. Instead, add 1/2 cup cacao nibs (or chocolate chips if you’re feeling decadent!) You can also add hot pepper if you like it spicy. We think travel can be life-changing, and we're here to share our best travel tips & inspiration that'll get you packing your bags! fancy camping meals. 6. Feel free to mix and match any ingredients and flavors as well. Make a dressing (these are just ideas), Mexican: cumin + apple cider vinegar + salt/pepper + olive oil + lime AND/OR salsa + sour cream (we prefer plain Greek yogurt), Asian: soy sauce + peanut butter + pinch of brown sugar/honey + ginger + lime, Mediterranean: balsamic vinegar + olive oil + salt + pepper + lemon AND/OR pesto, 7. To serve, be sure all ingredients are mixed well and put as much as you’d like in a bowl. Tip: I like to dissolve them in a mug with a quarter cup of water first to make sure no chunks are left. Forget modern comforts and fancy camping equipment. Add raisins, couscous and seasonings. Yogurt Parfaits. The classic favorite Pineapple Upside-Down Cake are made easier with a shortcake dessert shell and then prepared into foil packets for a fun camping treat! Full of veggies and protein-packed lentils, this healthy soup is one of our favorite one-pot meals. Campfire meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert! 6. 7. 1. Read on for a list of delicious yet easy to prepare recipes that will be loved by people of any ages and diets. Continue Reading . Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and chicken: this backpacking Thanksgiving feast is comfort food in a bowl (or pot!). Like risotto, … You just need to know where to start! (via Brit + Co) 9. Those are easy and cheap, but we never feel good after eating crappy food. Home. Camping meal kit information will be available by January 1st, 2021. Now, add most of your vegetables (carrots, celery, potato, zucchini). They offered us a bite, and we loved the sweetness of the raisins mixed with the savory spices. Camping Breakfast burritos are easy camping food ideas to put together! Cover the pot for about 5 minutes, or until all the water has been absorbed. This Minestrone is chock full of vegetables, beans, and noodles for a warm and hearty backpacking soup.